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Paul Contreras Chandler

Born in a log cabin in the woods of rural Saint Louis, Missourah, Paul Contreras Chandler had to walk to school each day, barefoot, in the snow, after completing his morning paper route that covered the entire city of Saint Louis…..Ok, so not really.

Paul was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, but in 1980.  Born and raised in “the Lou…NoCo!”, he survived childhood with his older brother and younger sister by not listening to instructions and getting into trouble.  After high school and college, Paul’s professions included being the youngest teacher in the history of Missouri with teaching at his former high school (go Hazelwood Central Hawks!), cast member at The Walt Disney World Resort, the food quick service industry, and banking.  In 2007 he entered his family profession of healthcare.


Being the rabble rouser as a child, it was time for Paul to be an adult.  After working for other companies for over five years in healthcare, Paul launched his third company, Ohana Coding, in 2012.  It went national in 2013 and international in 2019.  Since then he has created 5 additional companies: Ohana Auditing, Ohana Billing, Ohana Compliance (all now merged into Clear Physician Services), the Specialty Coder Institute, and Otown Notary.  As the most medical coding credentialed person on Earth (yes, this big, non-flat, but round planet we live on), Paul brought his expertise and funny humor to host two seasons of The Paul Chandler Show in 2020-2021.  His ninth company, 415 Pride, launches soon!


He dresses up as Disney characters while traveling to speak at healthcare conferences.  Some of his presentations have been:


  • “Urology with Ursula”

  • “Cardio with Cruella de Vil”

  • “Anesthesia with Aladdin”

  • “Pediatrics with Peter Pan”

  • “Gastro with Gaston”

With “LIVE with Kelly and Mark” has had Gelman for decades, some may refer to Paul as the wanna-be Gelman of ABC7@7.  As a former San Franciscan, Paul streams ABC7 Bay Area News on the east coast 8am-10am his time....then his favorite ABC7@7 with the Fab 4!


He is born and raised in Saint Louis and formerly lived in South Bay SF in Redwood City.  At home in Orlando, Paul is the proud dad to Jane, Reed, and Gracie (his kids aka dogs).  Cher is THE Queen.​  As a wee lad, his mom referred to him as her “Lost Boy”, from Peter Pan.  That title Paul holds dear to his heart as a reminder to be an adult, but never grow up.

Live long, do good, and prosper.



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